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If you are planning on attending our Camp- In on June 9th, please go to the Leaders blog page and give your troop number and number of people attending.

*Please bring poster board and markers to make "Save Our Camps" signs if you are planning on coming!

Help Save Our GSNEO Camps!!!

Ladies, For those not at the Annual meeting, the announcement was made that 5 camps will be sold and that the only 2 remaining camps, Timberlane and Ledgewood will be developed into” Premier camps and leadership development centers”. This will leave just 2 camp properties for 40,000 girls!!!( And you thought it was difficult to get a camping site NOW!)  There is an announcement on the website I believe, and though it sounds like this is an “exciting time” and that vounteer committees and girls surveys and endless research all came to the conclusion that this is what girls want , I can assure you the ONLY ones at that meeting that were excited about this “vision” are Daisy and her hand selected board members. There were at least 2 pro- camp board members that could not be present and had NO IDEA that there was going to BE a vote. Even the girl members at the meeting stood up and said they had no interest in a camp that was”state of the art” and “fancier than my home”!!!  Ladies I have to believe that our CEO Daisy Alford Smith has a ‘vision’ to build these “Beautiful”, “State of the Art”,“Premier camps” as another ‘notch in her cap’ if you will, ( at the expense of everything that many of us are PASSIONATE about!!!)and then bail and go on to reek havock with some other corporation!!  I’m hearing this pattern from several people in the know. Again this is only speculation, but concensus has it that Daisy has to GO!!!!  And BEFORE they actually SELL those properties!  Closing is slated for the 5 camps this Dec, 2011. So we only have 8 months to make our voices heard.          What we are suggesting, hopefully in EVERY district in all 18 counties, is  if you have not Early Bird registered yet, PLEASE DO NOT register EARLY BIRD!!  Your girls are already registered till Sept 30th at this time. I know you will be giving up a few cents per box on cookies and fall product, but the message we are sending is that we will NOT be railroaded into a plan for our camp properties that is overwhelmingly NOT what the GIRLS of GSNEO want!!!           GSNEO is ALL about numbers!   Everything that goes on at the council level is about numbers, MEMBERSHIP numbers . If they have no members they have no jobs!!!  The GIRLS are the reason they are there!!!  I feel if we as leaders are to model the ‘Discover, Connect, and Take Action, leadership plan, this is definitely a time to ‘Take Action!!!  If the Early registrations are just not coming in, it will send a message, and give us( leaders, delegates, camp monitors, trainers,etc. and girls) time to set up meetings to brainstorm our options.                                                 

    PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT EARLY BIRD REGISTER your troop!!  Thanks for listening!!       Pamme